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Okay you lovelies.

Okay Ladies and Gents. I’m going to be on radio silence for the next 9-ish days. I’ve got 4 days until I leave for Dragon*con to work on Smaug (Who got torn completely apart yesterday to get all new pieces put in) and then I will be in Atlanta until late mon. 

So I wont be posting much. But I promise lots of pictures when I come back and Ill actually have time to open my bag commissions (FINALLY!)

BUT! If anyone has an questions or wants to message me you have 2 options. 
1. Skype me :D  -Vana Barton
2. Message me here, I will be popping in to check I just wont be going through my dash much. 

Much Love XOXO
Vana- Aka Fili

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